Personal Loan Insurance – How to Apply Online Over the Internet?

When you go to an online personal loan site, find out if it’s safe to start the application process on it.

” Because of the Internet and online activities, you are taking full risk whenever you share sensitive information about yourself, your family or your finances. Find secure sites “

Many personal loan websites are secure, when you enter your information they will remain safe, but often where that personal information is poorly protected, stolen or misused.

For these reasons, it is important that you learn how to protect your information and keep it safe even when you are out of the online environment.

A huge amount of sites, applications and platforms are offering in abundance all type of personal loan, consignado and credit with restriction, loan for negativados, everything done by Internet. Let us presume that some are safe and some are not.

We are saying this, just because in the middle of the wheat always has the tares, and in the aftermath of loans what else has is tares. There are some fraudulent websites that try to get the money and information from inattentive users.

It really is not difficult to know which are the reliable, secure and legitimate sites with which you can do business without fear or insecurity. But you need to arm yourself with the right information to know how to identify trusted sites.

How to Protect Your Information When Borrowing Online

How to Protect Your Information When Borrowing Online

  • You should always be careful before sharing your personal information, whether you are online or offline. There are ways to protect your information while you browse the Internet or do business with online financial services and products.
  • Learn to Pay Attention to Fraudulent Sites – You should always make sure you know who you are sharing your information with before you start distributing your numbers and personal information. Familiarize yourself with the signs of reputable sites and fraudulent websites. For example, a reputable and trustworthy website will never ask you to pay in advance to give you a loan.
  • Encrypted data – Make sure your browser is secure. To protect online transactions, you must use encryption software. This basically shuffles any information you send over the Internet. Pay attention to the websites for which you are applying for a loan and always check the status bar for a “lock” icon. This informs that the site is secure and that your information can be relayed securely.
  • Protect your passwords – Always create a strong password, especially for websites where you deal with financial deals, including sites where you apply for a loan online. A strong password can help protect your information from being stolen or hacked.
  • Be careful on social networking sites – Be cautious about what you put on social media sites. If you put too much of your personal information out there, it is easier for an identity thief to get them and use them to try to gain access. Never post your full name, CPF number, address, telephone number, or any account number publicly on these sites. Placing too much personal information may allow someone else to have access to answers to answer questions used to protect their accounts.

Is it safe to tell my CPF to apply for an online loan?

Is it safe to tell my CPF to apply for an online loan?

To protect your identity, you must closely monitor your personal identifications and be cautious about who will use them. Some financial institutions only use to do identity checks and credit analysis.

In these cases, it may be possible to use an alternative form of identification. Here are some questions you should ask before you enter your identification numbers and documentation for a website:

  • Why do they need your CPF, RG, CNH etc. number?
  • How will they use this ID data?
  • How will they protect your personal information?
  • What happens if you do not release your CPF number to them as an example?

Finally, in North America, but specifically in the United States, identity theft is very serious, the concern with the SS getting to be paranoid, here in Brazil, the corresponding document is the CPF, however, it is not so important such as the “Social Security Number” for several reasons.

Either way, we do not give too much credit for this kind of problem (identity theft) until it comes up to the person. But you can choose whether or not you want to share your CPF number or any other.

However, you should remember that if the lender requires the CPF number for tax purposes (IOF payment) or other reasons, they may deny granting the services or provide benefits to you if you do not provide the necessary identification.

A company can ask for your CPF number to verify your credit before granting the loan, renting a property, apartment or when you apply for a public service.

Other Ways to Protect Yourself When Applying for Internet Loans

In most cases, the sites are legitimate and it is okay to share the necessary information with a website to get a new loan, either on consignment or loan without even consulting.

Applying for a loan is a very simple and quick process. You get approval in minutes and release of money in up to 24 hours. Of course it has lenders that the terms are longer depending on the lender and their credit policies.

However, it is important to note that there are websites that do fraud on the Internet, attack people who urgently need money, especially those who have the name with restriction and are negative. They know that anyone who needs quick cash is easier to fool by despair or anxiety. They are always ready to take advantage of it.

When you access a personal loan website online, there are a few things to arrange before you start the application process. The first is to keep your information secure. Here are some things to note:

Know your credit score, know what you have negative record on your credit report. It is best to check before applying for the loan. Some online loans do not consult Serasa, SPC and SCPC to verify your credit, they consider this information irrelevant to approve the loan application, but it is still a good idea to know in which foot walks your name and CPF.

  • Check your confirmation email to verify that it is from the same domain and the same company name, not an email address like Bol, Earth, Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo.
  • Remember to look for the padlock in the navigation bar, indicating that the information is transferred securely and the site is secure.
  • If your browser warns you that a site has a security certificate expired or that the site you are typing is not secure – do not trust it.

One of the most common scams that happen is a website getting well positioned as a true business website and then tries to convince you to send money to them before releasing the loan. Requesting advanced fees is the most authentic sign that the website is dishonest.

You do not have to send cash to cover any expenses like ” surety bond “, ” credit insurance “, ” guarantor ” or the first installment payment of the loan in advance.

If you are asked to send money using a prepaid card, gift card, or money transfer, do not proceed with the online loan application from this site. Legitimate lenders do not work this way.

Five Ways to Get rid of Debt

Do you wake up every month that you have no money right after your payday, after paying bills, rates, and other expenses? Do you have to ask every time a quick loan to resist a month? Debt can push you into a spiral from which it is very difficult to get out, especially if you have long-term loans, we help you with five simple ways to get rid of them.

No more debt.

No more debt.

Withdrawal from credit card or overdraft facility, often reckless shop shopping is the main source of financial problems. Online credits are very easy to access, but you only need to use them for emergencies, in no case because you need money for fun or holiday.

Analyze your expenses.

Analyze your expenses.

Make a list of all the payments you make and divide them into three categories: mandatory ones, optional ones, and things you like but do not need them. The optional category includes new clothes or more expensive food. Make a monthly budget to cover all mandatory payments, not completely remove others, but choose only a few; allocates a fixed amount for the settlement of debts.

Be economical.

Be economical.

You have come to this situation because you have spent more money than you have, to go out of it you have to do the opposite. Discard vices, lower utility bills, drive less, or take packed food at work. For a while, go out rarer at the restaurant or club and try to reduce the bill when you do it. Invite your friends to your home, this way you go a lot cheaper.

Find a way to generate additional revenue. 

Find a way to generate additional revenue. 

Nowadays, it’s easier to make extra money from your home, at leisure or at the weekend. Take advantage of all of your abilities or passions, you have plenty of opportunities, from walking dogs to blogging. If you’re good at IT, you can easily earn important amounts in just a few hours, programmers, web designers, or network administrators are greatly in search. Other very profitable skills are writing, cooking or craft products.

Pay the debts one by one.

Pay the debts one by one.

Pass them all on a list, the worst are overdue and high interest loans, they must be paid even if for this you only need a credit with the bulletin, with a lower interest. As for the rest of the debts, you start with the lowest value, the psychological effect of eliminating them will help you a lot. Apply the snowball method, where you focus on a single debt and spend all the money at your disposal. After completing it, go to the next one and use all the resources you had in the first plus the current debt rates. So, you get bigger amounts and every debt becomes easier to drop than the previous one.

Best Types of Loans Offered on the Internet

Types of Personal Loans

Types of Personal Loans

You can order without a lot of bureaucracies a variety of credit modalities, you just have to understand which one fits your profile and / or is the best cost-benefit for the pocket. Check the list:

  1. Banking personal loan
  2. Unsecured Personal Loan
  3. Restricted Personal Loan
  4. Personal loan without consultation
  5. Loan with pre-dated check
  6. Loan with credit card
  7. Negative Loan
  8. Payroll loan – retired and pensioner
  9. Private payroll – salaried loan
  10. Loan as property guarantee
  11. Loan with vehicle guarantee
  12. Peer-to-peer loan
  13. Crowdfunding Loan – Collective
  14. Loan on Special Check
  15. Loan with pawn
  16. Individual entrepreneurial loan
  17. Loan worker Informal
  18. Home Equity Loan
  19. Microcredit

Despite the excellent characteristics of personal loans and payroll loans , we have heard many lending institutions and online platforms reject the loan application of many applicants, particularly those who want financial resources to solve their debt problems or simply because they want to lower the interest of others operations selling the debt or asking for portability to take advantage of the Selic Rate is low.

When you talk about personal loan online you get the impression that everything is going to be easier, without bureaucracy and fast – really that is generally the case – but you should not believe that just because a company offers loans without consultation or with less bureaucracy, that there are no requirements for approval or that the applicant is not eligible to take a particular type of loan .

Many are unable to get approval for the requested loan due to errors:

  • Make mistakes when filling in the online registrations
  • Errors with Internet access – failures
  • Contradictory and untrue information
  • Lack of credit score or bad history.
  • Do not reach the minimum score for approval
  • They can not prove the income they need
  • Have many credit inquiries within the

All this and more can end up with the chances of getting approved by applying for any of the various types of personal loans available on the web.

It is vital you understand that in order to get approved for your personal loan application , it is not a cinch. Here are some mistakes made by the clients that leave them away from by hand in the money financed from a loan.

Without consulting the loan before applying for the loan

Without consulting the loan before applying for the loan

Personal loans do not demand collateral by their very nature, and because of this, usually the credit score is one of the main and most important keys to opening the lenders’ safe for them to lend your rich money, the same you need.

So it is best (consult Serasa and SPC) to get your credit report before you start comparing loans and interest rates when applying your application on financial and online platforms.

If there are registrations (pending records) on the credit report, your name is dirty, if you can, it does not exist to consider correcting these issues before requesting any kind of loan. This action will certainly ease the approval process of your order.

Do not be greedy when asking for credit or loans

Do not be greedy when asking for credit or loans

You may even be eligible for a large amount of borrowed money, sometimes much more than you really need. But before you become greedy and think about availing the entire loan amount available, calculate your actual ability to repay the installments, it will be a commitment to have to pay month after month until the contract ends.

To do this, we have dozens of personal loan calculator and free financing here at Miss Prism.

Make sure you will not bite any more than you can chew.

Catching a loan amount greater than your repayment capacity can result in denial of the loan or if approved – problems with your finances in the future.

Do not have too many loans with multiple lenders – credit starvation

Do not have too many loans with multiple lenders - credit starvation

There is no doubt that having access to the many types of personal loan will make you survive for longer financially speaking. In times of lack of money, having credit can save the motherland, but that does not mean that you have to borrow with each lender who offer credit, financing or loans to you.

Be cautious when using your credit at financial institutions and at companies that make money available at interest.

Wait! Compare! Decide! If you are hungry for credit you will surely have difficulties related to:

  • Restriction on name and records in Serasa / SPC / CCF / SCPC
  • Impaired credit score
  • Interest rates more expensive than normal
  • Loan requests denied
  • Lower payment terms

You can compare interest rates on loans offered by different lenders, we have partnerships with the main lenders that are working in the Brazilian market within their modalities and types of loans, both payroll and non-payroll, as or without guarantee:

For negative

  • Sheet discount (consigned)
  • With Assurance of property (property or vehicle)
  • Peer-to-Peer (between people)
  • Financing (Collective)

You can find out with the help of comparator calculators which personal loan you will choose to make.

Search for best loan offer

Search for best loan offer

It is always worth remembering that you do not just settle for the first personal loan offer that you find in your online search, advertisement or advertising. Do your homework to know about the different loans that are available in the market, compare interest rates and get to know your lender.

While researching to find the best deal, you should remember that lenders offer different interest rates for the same loan amount because of the profile analysis, credit score and score.

Many clients make a big mistake by underestimating their debt, that is, hiding from themselves the debt they own. Know that your credit report is reviewed by each lender before your personal loan application is processed in the approval queue.

Do not forget that most companies that operate online have the technological intelligence to identify any undisclosed debt, and even though it offers advantages to those who have some restrictions, approval may not happen.

If you have any chance of making a personal loan to borrow money, opt to consolidate your debts and keep your financial status stable and with minimal repayment capacity.